bring the theater home.

In the modern home, a media room is a necessity. These spaces are excellent for entertaining, working, studying, or simply spending time together as a family. A media room is extremely versatile and can be used by every homeowner, whether they live alone or with a family of five.

At The Menekshe Group we don’t just sell packages and think they work for everyone. We have never done the same system twice, and no two custom media room design look the same. Every client has different listening tastes, music tastes and movie tastes and we ask those questions and tailor the system towards those tastes. We can design a room with simple accents, giving it a real theater feel or extreme features taking you to another place entirely. Our Laguna Niguel Media Room design team will assist you in any way we can. Please call us at (714) 696-9574 today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

We do the best Media Room Installation in Laguna Niguel and not only. You just have to choose from a selection of flat wide-screen television displays with surround sound stereo, cabinets and lounge seating for the ultimate front row theater experience.

All you have to do is trust our Laguna Niguel Media Room design team to do the whole work for you. We are experts at customized Media Room Installation. After the complete installation of your media room we provide complete training on using your new media room design in Laguna Niguel. Our work is completely guaranteed.

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