Who is The Menekshe Group?

The Menekshe Group is a residential and industrial remodeling general company dedicated to all the services you will need for your house or your office area. We specialize in bathrooms, Kitchens, media rooms, additions and hardscaping as BBQ/Pergola area, pool and building casitas. Our unique designers will help you to bring your dream kitchen or bathrooms or even your house into a reality!

We are licensed, bonded, and insured!

Construction itself is incredibly stressful process and our goal is to give you an outstanding experience which includes seamless communication, budgeting, on-site organization with high quality handiwork!

The Menekshe Group also provides Interior Design services if you need assistant with your furniture selection or furnishing your house!

What we do 

  • become part of the home renovation team, ensuring that communication, quality, and scheduling are maintained. Acting as a private agent on site, which will be your eyes and ears while you continue to live your life, so you do not have to deal with all the stress of construction.

As a design Build company, we brought all necessary services under one roof to make more convenient for our clients and save time on searching professionals for different area of their house! TMG is honored to provide you more services such as:

  • Architectural and Interior Design. TMG will bring Design and Construction professionals aligned throughout the entire custom home or home renovation project. TMG manages and coordinates design, budget considerations, and client requirements to provide designs that reflect our client’s dreams and lifestyles and yet is meeting their budget!
  • Renovation Planning and remodeling; setting a realistic time and budget, material orders and consultation. We will not “low ball” you on price to get the job and then charge you extras to cover the cost. We give detailed estimates so you know what to expect and understand what is included – as well as what is not included so you can budget properly.
  • Project Management; being eyes and ears of a client on the job. It should be less room and errors in residential remodeling and since client already dealing with daily stresses, lets us deal with that stress and headaches, including preparing portals and schedules and summary of what have been done as a report at the end of every week! We listen to you to help you facilitate your dream home.
  • Troubleshooting and Crisis Consultation; Sometimes there is a nagging repair you cannot get around to finding someone to fix or a problem that your house has that you cannot solve. We can help sort them out for you.

Who our customers are

  We are best paired with homeowners who live in single family residences, condos or who are looking to build their backyards and Media rooms in Orange county and San Clemente area. If you are hoping to hire a local remodeling contractor who will manage the process from finish to start and who can assist you with design as well as assisting with selecting your materials, then we are a great fit for you!                                               

Who Our Customers Are Not

Unfortunately, we are not the best fit for historical home remodels, or clients who would like to remodel due to a fire or flood, but we are happy to give you some referrals.

Why Our Customers Hire Us

Our customers are homeowners who want to hire a local general contractor who can manage the process of their home remodel from start to finish.  They want to work with a reputable remodeling company that has a high standard for quality workmanship. Clients who hire us want to work with a contractor who does not give them a low price and then hit them with extra work order charges during construction.

Work Process

There are so many steps involved to build or renovate a home and we will explain all those steps individually at a time of the project but here are four main steps to your home remodel:

Free Consultation: This meeting will take place at your house and is a time for us to feel one another out to see if we are a good fit to work together on your project.

Design: we will come together to talk about a scope of work and initial design that you have in mind. We will provide you 3D design before starting a project so you can visualize your dream kitchen or bathroom in person!

Refine: after preparing all necessary designs for your production, we will assist you with material selection and you will have our designer consultation!

Build: We communicate with you daily via an online portal or email where we also share with you a daily schedule so you can follow along with production.

Have questions? Give us a call!